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Mental health awareness and empathy is our goal. This is a no shame, guilt free zone and you're welcome here.

Limbo lockdown saga (#68)

A roller coaster ride of an episode documenting two people and their cat trying to move from Sydney to Melbourne during a Covid 19 crisis. Mental health can really deteriorate during times of unpredictability and high stress; and this episode shows how things can get pretty bad in a short period of time.

As always Toy Division’s goal is to normalise and de-stigmatise mental health issues. This episode is all about discussing those issues and providing as much guidance as possible to use certain lifestyle habits to buffer physical/mental heath difficulties

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This podcast is not the usual Banksy book reading fan, it's about letter based graffiti writing. But if you like street art, then you'll probably want to learn more about graffiti culture, because that's where street art began.

Join us for a conversation about writing on things; addressing mental health issues; and using lifestyle to improve our overall physical health at any age.